Something I don’t see a lot of people mention, ever, is the miniseries Rose Red (2002). The script is by Stephen King (love him or hate him). It aired during 3 nights in January of 2002. I was there for all three nights, and I was there when it was released on DVD. The reason this miniseries is front & center in my brain right now is because I was entering my dvd collection into a new app I just got and I found I still had the copy of Rose Red I bought all those years ago.

There’s just something about this that feels so comfortable, something like home.

If you’re any part of my social media, you’ll know my aunt passed away in April and I’ve had a hard time dealing with it due to how close we were at one point in time. This miniseries reminds me of her. I watched it with her. Well I would start watching it at her house and during a commercial break I would walk home as far as I could, because it was airing while school was in. Thankfully she only lived maybe 5 minutes from my mom. So, I would finish watching it with my mom.

I owe a lot to her for bringing me into tomorrow. Though, when I began exploring harder horror films, she didn’t watch those ones with me. Watching this…was just us sitting in her living room with chips and the lights out. I’ll never have that chance to do this with her again.

This miniseries isn’t actually that bad, compared to some others have been thrown together. The cast seemed to fit their parts right and the storyline was something enjoyable. Sadly I cannot find it on any streaming, but I still think you can find it on DVD.