The Evil Dead

Director: Sam Raimi
Producer: Robert Tapert
Writer: Sam Raimi
Starring: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManincor, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly

I know many horror lovers started their love with this film. This film wasn’t my first love, but it has become one of my all time favorite films. It has also helped me with the name of my furbaby (who is 5), his name is Ash.

All of the die-hard horror fans know this film by heart. I’m sure many of them have also seen the remake which was released in 2013. The small surprise at the end of the film is the true Ash, saying that one small word: Groovy.

This film was just friends together making a film, none of them serious actors. It became a cult classic horror film. Bruce Campbell became Ash to many of us horror fans and will always see him as the one and only.

Evil Dead just always takes me back to the first time I watched it. It’s one of those movies I put on to feel at home. I know the effects don’t measure up to what it being put out today, but that’s fine. I like the effects and how it was filmed. Remember, it was the beginning of the 1980’s when it was filmed and only with $90,000 (around $250,000 today).

My favorite series is Ash alone in the basement, heading up the stairs. Once he gets up those stairs and the cabin starts tormenting him. Those sequences are the parts of the film that I live for. The silences before everything goes crazy.